Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm Back!

Ok - so I've been gone for a long time. I guess I'd say I've been busy which would be true. My problem with blogging is I don't know how to upload the pictures fast or do any fancy picture collages I see on other blogs. Maybe I'll learn someday:)

Life has been very full since the last post. I've never heard anyone say moving is easy and we don't take any exception to that. We've probably had to do more to our house because of its age (117 years), but we love it and are enjoying being home owners.

Here's our house. Sorry the picture is so small. Eventually I'll have to put up before and after inside pictures.

James is so full of life and keeps me on my toes. Everyone comments on how he's such a good baby. They only see him when he has his "public face" on. He is a really good little guy most of the time - when he's not trying for the fiftieth time to pull plugs out of the wall and stick them back in (ugg - pulling out my hair on that one), touching tools with a ducky because he was told not to touch them (touching them with a ducky is not the same thing as with his hand I guess - how'd he get so smart?), pulling pens and pencils out of Daddy's work bag - he knows he's not supposed to do it but does it anyway. I guess he has the same sinful nature that we all have *sigh* I have not begotten a perfect child:) He is such a busy guy, always trying to figure things out and extremely curious. I think he has a lot of his daddy in him:) I am looking forward to spring walks with him and watching the spring flowers come up with him.

This was our summer family picture.

Mr. James in his fedora:)

The debonair look.

James insisted on eating dirt this past summer no matter how many times I told him no. I gave up eventually as I figure it won't always be a delicacy he'll enjoy.

James and Uncle Jeremiah this summer. Jeremiah flew to meet us at Grandpa and Grandma Freidel's in Iowa this summer. He took Paul and I up with Dad F. for a ride. What fun! I said James was still to little - maybe another year.

He's already a bookworm and I'm not joking!

A happy guy!

Small spaces are to crawl under right Mom?

Great Grandpa and Grandma with James in Iowa.

James on his birthday at Great Grandpa and Grandma Freidel's house. Grandma made a really good cake. I think he likes it:)

Playing around with Mommy.

Full of smiles and mischief:)

James loves to work with Daddy especially if tools are involved. If Daddy bangs, James bangs:)

He knows it's for him.

James in his Christmas gift.

For Christmas, Paul made James a big wooden semi. I'll have to take a picture of the finished product. Here is James getting ready to open it.

Well that's it for now!


P.S. We are asking for prayer for our pastor's wife Kate Sunday. She just found out she has a rare cancer of the thymus. They're not sure how treatable it is. She is very young in her thirties and has three children.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I've been quiet on the blogging sphere for a while. I have been sooooooo busy.
Paul and I are now homeowners! I don't have my camera right now so I don't have a picture to post now, but I will soon. It is a farmhouse style house built in 1893 in Elgin. We will be the second family to own the house as we understand it! We have been busy fixing it up - tearing the wall paper off, painting, taking out the carpets and refinishing the original wood floors. So far we have taken off the paper and have painted most of the bedrooms (4). It's amazing how much prep work it takes before the actual painting can be done. It's probably been around 20 years since some of the rooms have been painted so the plaster walls have needed quite a few coats in several of the rooms (we a beginnig to love primer). Hopfully we can get the floors upstairs done sometime next week. I'll be glad when it is all done!

James is getting so big! He was six months on the 12th of June. I took him in for a well visit the other day and he weighs 18.4 pounds! Big Boy! He is such a good natured happy little boy. On Sundays I have to work hard to know where he is - somtimes I just find him when I need him; all of his16 uncles and aunties (14 still around) just love him to pieces. He's been learing to content himself while I've been busy working on the house unless of course there is an aunt or uncle there to watch him. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful family and thank God every day for each parent and sibling (and Great-grandparents:).

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Aren't I cute?

My little guy posing for mommy's camera.

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I Love my little guy's feet. They're soft and chubby and fun to

James is growing up so fast. Today I put him in one of those
saucers where he sits in it and can turn around in it while he
plays with the toys on it. He loved it! James decided recently that
he should observe other people in mommy's arms. Sorry buddy,
but mom can't hold you all the time:)

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Thursday, March 26, 2009